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The food and concept here is amazong. However, after the third time there this evening, we left a cash tip for the waitress and it was a few dollars short if the suggested tip amount of 15% because it was all the cash i had on me and husband had already paid the bill with card. The waitress tracked my husband down on way out and confronted him about her tip being less than the suggested amount in a crowded restaurant. So over 2$ on a tip I won't be back and will be letting co-workers know we should change our outing spot to somewhere with less rude staff. We spent 163$ on dinner and was happy to do so and planned on also making this a monthly family dinner/special occasion spot until my husband told of me of this.
Justin's Assistant
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Tony Karam
Want to say we love your food!!! You should know. At the bottom of the Akron website, of you click the link to call, the phone number comes up incorrect.... It shows the number correct but the link you click is broken.

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