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Deanna Cechowski
We are very regular customers and had our 1st bad experience this past Thursday Jan 18th. Our server came asked if we wanted more, but didn't take the empty plates. After that she brought the check, came by to see if there was payment, came back again to pick up payment, brought back change in the book. That's a total of five times she visited our table without clearing our empty plates. Some were empty and stacked from the beginning because I put my teriyaki appetizers and rangoon on my sushi plate to save space. This is unacceptable service. Nothing like this has ever happened before there or at Brooklyn location Thank you Deanna Cechowski
Carl Scheu
This was our first time visiting Kintaro, and we went as a last minute valentines/Birthday dinner. I would have given 5-stars, except the service for amenities was a little bit slow. Everything we had was very good and I'm looking forward to going again now that I know what I'm doing LOL
The food is good. Just don’t order tempura rolls because they fall apart before you can eat them. I’m giving 2 stars because they don’t know how to treat the client with respect. I ordered many many times sushi from Kintaro via DoorDash. Lately if you try to order via DoorDash you can’t add regular sushi rolls because you have to add a side and there is no side to select. (Funny thing: that side never comes when you order it!) So I’ve called DoorDash. They say that this is a problem on Kitaros end. I’ve called Kintaro to try to fix that... got really disrespected by the attendant!! So rude!!! He oven said that he didn’t care about loosing clients... so I guess he lost one that was ordering regularly for over a year.

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